Monday, September 6, 2021

Getting Through Lockdown

Getting Though Lockdown

1. Be Kind – to yourself and whoever is lucky enough to live with you -  no matter how grumpy your lockdown tiredness or fatigue makes you feel.  

2. Go outside as often as you can and just breathe in the fresh air.  If you notice how good that makes you feel – walk, jog, ride your bike, bounce, or kick a ball. Just be outside. 

Set a goal of no less than 30 minutes (it isn’t much really) outdoor exercise/activity every day. 

3. Get off your chair, seat, whatever it is you sit on (and away from your computer if that’s what you work on) often.  

4. Drink more water and a little less wine or beer than you normally would. Spritz up your water, if it helps and put it in a nice glass. 

5. Use a sleep routine - every night as a way of winding down. Make it a ritual you do every night as a way of getting your mind and your body ready for sleep. 

6. Do stuff. Clean. Cook. Water the plants. Pull weeds. Wipe the bench. Ring someone instead of texting them.

7. Be grateful and remind yourself at least once a day what you have that others don't.



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