Sunday, September 12, 2021

Getting Out Of My Head

For those who have a propensity like me to live inside my head, you'll understand this can be an important way to make sense of what is going on around us, and in the world. We all have ways of working stuff out and the need to make meaning of and in our lives is an innate human trait.  But I also know that if I stay in my head for too long, and too often, I can over-think and complicate something that should actually be simple.  And, I can forget to reach back out into the world, to seek connection and feedback from others.  The meaning making that normally helps me understand what’s going on, can become isolative, destructive, and depleting.  

At this time in many of our worlds, there is so much lockdown fatigue and ill ease because we are missing out on those hand-to-hand, face-to-face, touching each other connections.  So, the getting-outside-of-ourselves, or even just out of the house or wherever you live,  is so important for our wellbeing and health.  So too, is continuing to find ways to have contact with others. 

Sometimes I catch myself, as I did this morning on my bike ride - a distance down the road before I realised, I had been absent from my journey and was stuck in thought about something that had happened yesterday, or last week, or last year. Or when are we getting out of lockdown. Or what were the numbers for today?

So, on a dusty unsealed road, not far from my house, in this little place called Somers, I stopped.  Got off my bike and looked at what was around me. Did a 360 and a big breath in.  Saw the open paddocks, the cows, the birds, the wind dancing through the trees. Farms houses in the distance. Big blue sky.  Fluffy clouds, huffing and puffing, pushed along by a southerly, no doubt. What a sight, what a place, in which I am lucky to live. How humble, how small, and how grateful I felt. 

I then got back on my bike (pushing through the southerly). I went home and joined a wonderful group of people, albeit on zoom, come together for the pleasure of playing ukulele. Thank you, friends, for taking me outside myself and bringing me so much joy. 



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