Saturday, September 4, 2021

The First Night Star

30/8/21 – for my late sister and my nieces, who walked with me tonight:

I walk the streets in search of you, 

To the beach I find my way,

There, on the shore you are laughing, rolling in on a tumbling wave.

I see the sky and the sunset,

The orange hues that begin to fade

And, in the dwindling light I see you smiling, 

at the closing of the day.

I climb the bank from the water,

Through the winding wind-swept path,

In the falling night,

I hear you singing, 

In the last song-bird still a flight.

Back to the street I wander, 

As the trees sway and bend.

In the wind I feel you touch me, 

your soft warm hand upon my skin.

As the cloak of the night thickens around me,

There’s a twinkle high above.

In the sky I see the first night star, 

The shining light of your love.



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