Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tomorrow I might sleep in (written during Melbourne Lockdown)

With stealth the tiredness it sneaks up on you                   hiding in your drawers, on your clothes

it doesn’t wash off even with softener                           it just grows 

and grows

- usually the weekend gives you a break but it's back there waiting on Monday

you don’t notice   there isn’t time and there’s so much to do you know

before the days end

before the weeks end

before the end of the month                  maybe before the years out or before your candle’s out

Quickly wish so you don’t miss the chance to take a breath and wonder how crazy and weird and strange and sad and awful this whole thing is 

lately it’s been like 

– move quickly 

get it done get organised get buying get working get running

get ready

before the virus comes

fill up the pantry

stock up on toilet rolls

face masks fill the freezer flour

even the seedlings were gone when I got there

and the Easter eggs 

soon all the wine will be sold too then it’s the lock down the shut-down,

the count down the wind down or is that the wind up?

the kids at home  the home school.

Camping in the backyard and everyone is working from the kitchen table 

but so too the un-employment

the queues

the lines the heartache, the loss

the deaths

Yes, that right by the 1000s

the anxiety, the sickness

not seeing your family but waving to anyone you pass on the other side of the street because you need to connect

you need to see a face

not through the computer or your phone it’s not the same, but it is how it has to be

What about the hospitals 

we’re ready, aren’t we? and everyone running – except around the park, or along the Tan

running to help to help out, to connect, to cook and sew, and garden and deliver food parcels or shopping online

connecting up with virtual this and virtual that except if you don’t own a computer or have the internet or a roof over your head.

We've done so well haven't we? why am I not convinced?

2nd month in and suddenly after running at this pace we’re tired

no wonder 

we know we are the lucky ones and we thank god it’s Friday

I think tomorrow I will sleep in. 


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