Monday, October 26, 2020


Today could have been

so many different things,

that it’s not.

I could get so pissed off,

but why waste energy 

on shit I can’t change

Monday, October 12, 2020


A poem from Lockdown 1

Kindness comes in many ways
It can be in what we do and what we say
- In the touch of a hand, or the look on a face
In, what we give or get given, or
how we take what we get, with
humility and grace.

The first place for kindness
is to start with oneself
And, in a time such as this
It’s got to be good for one’s health!

So beginning right now
I’m thinking of how
I can make a small vow
and be more charitable to self.

Of course I remembered, this is day 5 not day 4
Of my little quest to give myself - so much more
Than cutesy words that might rhyme,
or not.

But make something of every day
Out of the small things that I’ve got
- from the everyday stories I find on my way
through my work and play,
at home in my office, or out in the street,
the nature I see, or the people I greet.

Yep, the kindness to self is to
just let be what will be, 
try not too hard
wait more,
and just see.

If something’s not done
that I had hoped to achieve,
give a pat on the back and a little reprieve.
- this is kindness to self
- and so it will be, eventually to another
- what we practice today,
will help us t’ mora.


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Caring - a collective experience of Nurses

I sit at my computer. With some hesitation, I begin.  Trying not to hold my breath and all-the-while typing as fast as my fingers will carry the excitement and tension I start to feel in this moment, I stop to steady myself. Behind the document in which I type on my screen is the website for the Nurse and Midwife Support service.  Having viewed the site earlier in the evening and now just finishing reading a beautiful piece called “ Field Notes on Death”, I hover.  On the verge of disquieting emotion and at the edge of something unknown yet strangely familiar, I take a deep breath, trust myself and keep typing.  Then, through the tears that suddenly begin to fall,  I realise I feel like I have come to a place of belonging, a place of welcome. In the words I read of another nurse’s story and in the one I am about to tell, there is a recognizable uncertainty, alongside the desire to find knowing. 

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